Tackling the climate emergency
Through the award-winning teaching approaches of the University of Edinburgh’s faculty team this open access course brings an engaging and action-focussed approach to tackling the climate emergency.
We are in a Climate Emergency. The actions we all choose to take over the next decade will decide whether we succeed or fail to meet the biggest challenge to our civilisation in the 21st century.

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Taught by instructors with decades of experience in climate change and online learning, this empowering course is a collaboration between leading experts in the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

You’ll learn about the solutions needed from governments and big business, how you can help to make them do more, and what you can do yourself.


Designed to be accessible and engaging throughout, it provides the facts you need to know about what climate change is, and the solutions you need to know so you can be part of fighting it.


Week 1: Introduction to Climate Solutions

Introduction to climate change, its impacts and why it should matter to you.


Week 2: The Science of Climate Solutions

The causes of climate change, where emissions come from, and why ‘1.5 degrees’ and ‘Net Zero’ are the two most important numbers in the world.


Week 3: The Levers of Climate Solutions

How climate change can be tackled through actions right across societies; the strategies that can and are being used; and the need to prepare for the impacts of climate change as well as to cut emissions.


Week 4: Climate Solutions for Nations

What governments and big institutions are (and aren’t) doing so far to fight climate change, and what they need to do now.

Professor Dave Reay

University of Edinburgh

Dave Reay is a Professor of Carbon Management & Education at the University of Edinburgh. Dave has worked on climate change for over 25 years and directs Edinburgh Climate Change Institute. His research has taken him from stormy seas in the Southern Ocean to evil-smelling Scottish ditches.

He has published over 150 research articles and books on climate change. Dave is also the creator of the award-winning Masters in Carbon Management at Edinburgh and advises the UK and Scottish Governments on climate change action.


Galina Toteva

University of Edinburgh

Galina is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh looking at greenhouse gases in forests in Scotland and South Asia. She did her masters in Carbon Management and her bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. This allowed her to gain understanding of both the scientific and socio-economic aspects of complex problems such as climate change. Her work experience ranges from working on potatoes and bee pollen in a molecular laboratory to engaging with stakeholders across the Scottish land sector as part of an international research project.

Galina developed a great part of the content for this MOOC and the other courses which form part of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Climate Solutions Programme. Galina is passionate about climate change mitigation and adaptation and believes that education is at the heart of all Climate Solutions.

Vanessa Ombura

Co-founder at Leapfrogging Beyond Borders

University of Edinburgh

Vanessa is a 2021 final year Civil Engineering student passionate about enabling sustainable and equitable development through interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration.

She has past experiences in strategy and management consultancy, sustainable infrastructure research and university course development, in the UK and East Africa. Currently, she is developing a social enterprise to empower youth in emerging economies through streamlining personal development resources.

She also enjoys and participates in performance art such as spoken word poetry.

Lucy Stanfield

Circular Economy Business Development’ (and ‘Chair of 2050 Climate Group')

University of Edinburgh

Lucy works for the University of Edinburgh, supporting research and innovation in the field of circular economy and low carbon. She is also a graduate of the University’s MSC Carbon Management, where she focused on land ownership and management for carbon sequestration. Lucy is also the Chair of the Board for 2050 Climate Group, a charity which empowers young people to take climate action.

Justine Bolton

Carbon management and climate resilience specialist, FirstRand Group

Justine is currently studying a PhD in carbon accounting through the University of Edinburgh Business School, having recently completed a master’s degree in carbon management at the University of Edinburgh. She works at FirstRand Group in South Africa, managing climate change resilience within the group; and measuring, managing and reporting the carbon footprint as well as climate related risks and opportunities of the business’ operations in line with the recommendations of the TCFD.

She has worked on FirstRand’s annual CDP response, setting science-based targets for operational GHG emissions reductions, establishing an internal shadow carbon price for the group, and improving water and energy management across FirstRand’s operations. Research as part of her PhD studies will assist Justine to measure financed emissions in the bank’s lending and investment portfolio so as to support work being done across the group to manage portfolio climate related risks and opportunities.