Joint winners announced for 2021 #ClimateTalks Global Hackathon

During the month of October, universities around the globe were invited to host a hackathon and submit a short video to encourage interdisciplinary interest in climate change and circularity principles in support of COP26. Students were required to consider, “How might we transform the way we communicate issues of climate change to diverse audiences in order to create positive action towards the regeneration of systems on individual, local and global scales?” Solutions proposed had to incorporate circular economy principles and identify a specific target audience.

Communicating ideas effectively has become an essential skill in encouraging climate action, ‘Scientists have long been sounding the alarm bells about the potential catastrophic impacts of climate change — without any meaningful action being taken — but I am optimistic that the pendulum is swinging towards a united, global will to act.  We can still make a difference – but the time to act is now.’ Stated Professor Matthew England, Academic Lead for the International Universities Climate Alliance.

All three judges were impressed by the innovative ideas and enthusiasm students expressed in their videos. Two winning teams were identified, Team Grick, submitted by the Engineering and Sciences School from Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte and Team Ouroboros by the Founders Program from UNSW Sydney. María Rubi Forte, Director of the Engineering and Sciences School at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte found hosting the hackathon to be a positive experience for the school and students alike, “Climate change is a big issue for humanity and the opportunity given by the #ClimateTalks Global Hackathon to participate proposing ideas and solutions to this problem was awesome. Our students worked together, got more conscious about climate change, and designed sustainable actions that could be applied in the near future.”

Team Ouroboros:
  • Beatrice Au-Yeung, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Marketing
  • Serena Hua – Bachelor of Commerce in International Business/B.Arts in Media Culture & Technology (Minor: Psychology)
  • Kiara Warner – Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing/B. Design in Interaction Design and Graphic Design.
  • Indi Sofyar – Bachelor of Commerce in International Business/B. Design in Interaction Design and Graphic Design
Team Glick:
  • Ena Sofía Azcona Castillo – Mechatronics Engineering
  • Marina Guadalupe Hernández Guardado – Mechatronics Engineering
  • José Antonio Zepeda Bojórquez – Mechatronics Engineering
  • Ronaldo Beltrán Montes – Sustainable Development Engineering

Judges for the Global Hackathon were selected across climate science, communications and circular engineering schools, including Associate Professor Alex Sen Gupta, a climate scientist at the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW Sydney, Dr. Matt Loads, a communications expert at Monash University and Assistant Professor XiaoYu Wu, from the mechanical & mechatronics engineering school of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Delft University of Technology, provided a number of circular principle experts to deliver talks during the #ClimateTalks Global Festival to help prepare students for the #GlobalFestival and Dr. Dominika Alexa Teigiserova will be interviewing the winners to learn more about their ideas and discuss what inspired them. ‘‘The #Climate Talks Global Festival offers a great opportunity for students and educators to engage with like-minded people worldwide and work together on making the world a safer, more sustainable and generally better place.’ Professor Tim Van der Hagen, Delft University.

Team Grick

Team Ouroboros

Both winning teams will be interviewed and develop a feature article in conjunction with climate researchers to explore their winning ideas in more detail.

Winning interviews will be live streamed on Friday 12th November. Register Here

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