Forging Pathways together toward Net Zero

May 2024

International Universities Climate Alliance members are committed, as institutions, to reaching net zero emissions in line with global efforts to limit global warming.   Members are driving positive, and solutions focused climate initiatives in the higher education sector and beyond. 

This is demonstrated by comprehensive Sustainability Action Plans, which are active frameworks guiding each university towards our common goal.  The below summary provides a curated list of member commitments and plans.


Member Institution Plan/Website Link  
Arizona State University Sustainability goals & vision  
Delft University of Technology Sustainability Action Plan 2022  
Hokkaido University Institute of Sustainability  
King's College London Action Plan  
LUISS University Sustainability Plan  
Macquarie University 2022 Status Report  
McGill University 2020-2025 Strategy  
Monash University Campus Sustainability  
National University of Singapore Sustainability Plan  
New York University Climate Action Plan  
Penn State University Strategic Plan  
Queen's University Climate Action Plan  
Sorbonne University Sustainable Development  
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Sustainable Campus  
University of Auckland Sustainability Strategy  
University of Bremen Sustainability  
University of California San Diego Sustainability Goals  
University of Cape Town Sustainability Strategy  
University of Colorado Boulder Climate Action Plan  
University of Exeter Sustainability  
University of Hamburg Sustainability  
University of Helsinki Sustainability Plan 2022-2024  
University of Illinois Climate Action Plan  
University of Leeds Pathway to Net Zero Emissions  
University of Melbourne Sustainability Plan 2030  
University of NSW Sustainability Plan  
University of Oxford Sustainability Strategy  
University of Reading Net Zero Carbon Plan Partnering for the Planet
University of Southampton Sustainability Strategy  
University of Sussex Sustainability Action Plan  
University of Tasmania Sustainability Strategic Framework  
University of Waikato Sustainability Plan  
University of West Indies Climate Action Portal  
University of Zurich Sustainability  
Utrecht University Sustainability  
Victoria University of Wellington Sustainability Outcomes Framework  
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