The 50 percent - COP 26 listening sessions
About The 50 Percent & Listening Sessions

The 50 Percent (formally ‘Global Youth Engagement Program’) is an international collection of young people who, in partnership with Penn State University Sustainability Institute and the Club of Rome believe that every young person – regardless of their economic, social, or cultural situation, should contribute to the policies that impact their future. These global listening sessions aim to collect the concerns, fears, and excitement of a diverse young generation and share this with policymakers at the local, regional, national, and international levels, corporate partners so they can better serve a generation of consumers and, maybe most importantly, back with the youth participants so they know they are not alone. These listening sessions are designed to understand better the areas of concern and excitement that young people aged 18-30 have about the future. 

​Listening Sessions are 90-minute virtual gatherings that allow youth to share their own stories and connect with others across the world. There is no preparation necessary before participating in a Listening Session. We only ask that you have a willingness to engage with others and have reliable internet access. 

Learn more about the Listening Session initiative here.

During COP26, we will be hosting multiple Listening Sessions every day so that we can hear from as many young people as possible about their experiences

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