Teal: A visualisation tool for non-expert users to explore climate data

Teal is an online visualisation tool that enables users to explore climate variables for the past 70+ years, from 1950 to near real time, and projections up to 2100, as well as carbon emissions from 1960. Seasonal climate forecasts on a horizon of six months ahead can also be displayed to aid management decisions. Sector specific indicators (e.g. wind power capacity factor) will be included in upcoming releases of Teal.

The Teal tool includes high-quality datasets presented on a unified interface, and allows industry and policy makers to better understand and investigate the relationship between climate and sector specific effects. A global map shows climate data by country and sub-country. For each region, a time series at various temporal resolutions is displayed when that region is selected.

The design of Teal is distinctive and modern incorporating the teal colour that gives the tool its name and the Teal user journey is simple. Indeed a Teal’s user doesn’t need technical expertise in complex datasets: the hard work has been done for you by WEMC and partners’ climate data specialists. In a few clicks one can visualise and download the data, as well as graphs, that can be used to inform your decisions.

The Teal tool is available in (free) public versions and in commercial versions. The latter are based on the standard public version Teal Tool, with the addition of custom-based operational modules (e.g. the seasonal forecast module). Demos of the commercial versions are available on request.

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