RewirED Summit COP28 UAE

The RewirEd Summit 2023 at COP28 aims to bring together new and unlikely allies to position education transformation as a lever for concretely achieving climate ambitions and education goals through identifying, showcasing, and amplifying Win-Win Solutions and cross-sectoral partnerships.

Through its COP28 engagement, RewirEd Summit will support the COP28 presidency’s vision and the UAE’s efforts to address the causes and impacts of climate change, plan the transition into a climate resilient green economy, and achieve a better quality of life. RewirEd Summit will leverage its convening power, strategic and innovative partnerships, wealth of evidence, and whole-of-society approaches to catalyse global actions to rewire education at the intersection of people and planet.

The RewirEd Summit at COP28 will showcase global and national commitments, innovative practices, and scalable solutions to unlock the potential of transformed education systems in driving progress towards a prosperous and sustainable future for people and the planet, thus positioning education at the heart of climate change action and vice versa.

8 December 2023
Expo City Dubai