Earth Day 2023 - Slam Poetry Festival

For Earth Day 2023, we invited students, staff and community from across the globe to join us in sharing their vision for a fairer, more sustainable world in a festival that was inclusive, friendly and fun. The festival included an international poetry slam video competition with poets re-imagining our world in the context of Earth Day 2023 - addressing how our world could be reshaped, redirected or re-imagined for all.  Take a look below!


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The effects of our changing climate are evident worldwide, with extreme weather events occurring with increasing frequency and societies rapidly needing to adapt their lives and communities. We need to act now to re-imagine a better world. What is your vision for a world that is fairer to all; that nurtures natural environments; that uses resources respectfully and eliminates waste; that is inclusive, respectful and loving to all living things?

Slam poetry is a form of performance poetry that doesn’t rely on traditional poetic forms and techniques, such as rhyming stanzas. It is free-flowing and expressive and growing in popularity the world over. The Festival is hosted by the International Universities Climate Alliance, in collaboration with The World Poetry Slam OrganizationClimate Students Movement and the UNSW Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture. The Festival celebrates Earth Day with a series of in-person and virtual poetry workshops, a Poetry Slam competition and finale events. If you are new to slam poetry or curious to see more, here are some examples of performances: World Poetry Slam Organization – YouTube

Hear more from Science Writer, Lauren Fuge here

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to helping make the festival so much fun, to everyone who shared their performances and taught us so much about how creative art forms are vehicles for talking about climate and world issues.  Finally, thank you to everyone who contributed to the festival.


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