COP31 Base Camp

The opportunity for Australia and the Pacific to host a potentially transformative COP 31 is one of great significance. The opportunity however presents many complex questions.  What would a transformative COP 31 with long-term outcomes expected by all stakeholders look like? How can we support a successful bid to host this and design a COP that aligns with the world's needs in 2026?  But for many, some more foundational questions remain around how climate COPs work and how to build your sectors capabilities to engage. 

This COP 31 Base Camp “Unlocking climate transformation in Australia and the Pacific: Shaping the potential of COP 31” is a high-level discussion of more than 300 non-government stakeholders bringing together leaders and practitioners from across Australia and the Pacific to address many of these questions and begin to engage with other sectors on shaping a potentially transformative COP for all. 

DATE / TIME: Wednesday 1st November 2023, 1:00pm – 6:00pm AEDT 


COST: $50 + GST 

1 November 2023
ICC, Sydney, Australia